Give Your Ethereum Contract the Ability to Both “Burn” Unsold NFTs & Increase The Max Mint Number Of Your Collection

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Results are not typical. You may get worse, better, or no results at all. Not financial advice. Info about NFT collections sales is just a report on what happened.
Results are not typical. You may get worse, better, or no results at all. Not financial advice. Info about NFT collections sales is just a report on what happened.

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Two Solutions For a Partially Sold NFT Collection

I see that you did not get an Agency upgrade but we still want you to be able to have an Ethereum NFT contract with the ability to both “burn” unsold NFTs and increase the max mint of your collection.

It could happen that you sell a part of the collection during the initial launch, and then your sales slow down to crawl, or you decide to sell more NFT than you originally planned after your blockchain contract is already deployed.

When a collection sells partially you have 2 choices.

Solution 1

Either wait for all the NFTs in the collection to sell out, or remove the remaining supply, which is called burning, so the collection will become sold out.

If your plan is to invest in marketing to help you sell the remaining NFTs, keeping sales open could be the right choice.

Solution 2 - Most Popular

On the other hand, if you think that you are more interested in secondary sales, or there is a strong community push you agree with, you may want to burn the remaining supply of an NFT collection.

You see, usually until the collection is sold out completely, secondary sales are either nonexistent or very limited, plus excitement about unsold collections could drop entirely, which could kill secondary sales forever.

This is why so many unsold collections burn the remaining NFTs supply to keep the excitement up and start collecting royalties from secondary sales.

“Burning” Unsold Part Of NFTs
Starts Secondary Sales

“Burning” Unsold Part Of NFTs Starts Secondary Sales

Burning the remaining collection supply can be done in many ways. Some of them include minting the reminder of NFTs and sending them to a burn address, which is very costly given Ethereum gas fees.

NFTizer Flex contract allows you to remove unsold supply in the most cost effective way.

The Most Cost Effective NFT Collection Supply “Burn” Method Possible.

All you need to do to “burn” the remaining supply with a NFTizer Flex contract is to lower the maximum mint number to the number of the NFTs you already sold, and you are done.

It is both super simple and the least expensive NFT collection supply burn method possible.

It even allows you to change the maximum collection mint number before you even start NFT sales according to your community feedback.

Increase Collection Size Before Mint

So if you have already deployed the NFT contract, and later you see that there is big interest from your community, you may decide to offer a larger collection than you have originally planned. In such a case, without the NFTizer Flex contract, you would need to re-deploy the contract with the increased mint number.

Re-deploying Ethereum contracts could cost you a lot for each deployment.

It could cost you anywhere from a few hundreds to a few thousands dollars to deploy a contract depending mostly on Ethereum gas fees and ETH token price.

Avoid All The Costs Of Ethereum
Contract Re-deployment.

We have literally seen the very same contract deployment cost ranging from about $400 on a very slow Ethereum day, through $1,200 when there was more activity, to over $4,000 on the busy day.

We thought there had to be a better way, and the idea of NFTizer Flex minting contract was born.

With NFTizer Flex contract you are able to both lower and increase the max mint number for already deployed Ethereum contracts with just a small nominal contract interaction gas fee.

Unlimited Contract Deployments &
Unlimited Max Mint Number

On top of that you get both unlimited contract deployment to blockchain and unlimited max mint number so the sky's the limit on what you can do with it.

Also because you’re a founding member, you deserve a deal for being one of the first.

Now, with the standard version, we already gave you an incredible discount. So I’m going to do the same with the NFTizer Flex upgrade.

Tremendous Founding Member Discount

NFTizer Flex is planned to be a part of a very high priced package sold on webinars.

But as a NEW and FOUNDING member, I’m going to upgrade your account to NFTizer Flex for a small one time investment.

Hosting the app infrastructure, especially for unlimited contract deployments, does require computing power and bandwidth, and this is why we need to raise NFTizer Flex price significantly after the early adopters special ends.

In fact, I would not be surprised if the price doubles when you see this page again later.

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Founders Special Deal

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  • Max Mint Number Increase
  • Unlimited Deployments
  • Unlimited Max Mint Number



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