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Upgrade To 10,000 videos in the collection, Ethereum Contract For 30 More Collections & An Amazing PRO Mint Contract Upgrade,

Which Allows The Removal Of Unsold NFTs From Mint (“burning”), And Get 700 Premium Transitions!

Results are not typical. You may get worse, better, or no results at all. Not financial advice.
Info about NFT collections sales is just a report on what happened.
Results are not typical. You may get worse, better, or no results at all. Not financial advice.Info about NFT collections sales is just a report on what happened.

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In just a few minutes, you will get access to a powerful software that allows you to turn any video shot on a phone or created by any app into Video NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

What if I told you that I could help you to take VideoNFTizer even one step further?

VideoNFTizer is Everything We Said It Is & More, But We Can Help You To Take It Even One Step Further

Now, please don’t get me wrong. VideoNFTizer is everything we said it is, which already puts you way ahead of your competition.

The standard version of VideoNFTizer, in which you invested, is a very powerful tool, and in straightforward steps you’re going to be able to turn your videos and videos generated by any video creation app into tradable NFTs on the blockchain.

And because VNF technology does all the heavy lifting, all you would need to do is fill in some basic info, click a few buttons, and have Video NFTs on the blockchain ready to mint.

Extraordinary PRO Upgrade

For those who want to achieve even more outstanding results we have an extraordinary PRO upgrade.

I am talking about the ability to upgrade the maximum number of videos in the collection to 10,000, deploy an Ethereum contract for 30 more collections, and an amazing PRO mint contract upgrade, which allows the removal of unsold Video NFTs from mint (“burning”).

You will also get 700 premium transitions for the included NFT video creation app to boost fluidity of your videos.

With The Standard Version, You Have Ethereum Contract For A Single Collection of Up To 1,000 videos & Javascript To Be Pasted To A Webpage

Right now, with the standard version, you can already have access to a single Ethereum contract you can customize and deploy on Ethereum blockchain for one collection with the maximum number of videos in the collection limited to 1,000.

The standard version also gives you access to the javascript to be pasted to a webpage, which allows the buyer to connect their wallet and buy your Video NFTs.

PRO Version Allows You To Boost Your Initial Collection Sales, Plus It Kick Starts Your Royalty Payments

While the Standard version is a great starter app, the PRO version allows you to boost your initial collection sales up to 10X, plus kickstart your royalty payments.

It also helps to minimize the risk that your collection’s secondary sales on OpenSea never take off or die completely fast.

10X Your Sales

Imagine that instead of a collection of say 1,000 NFTs, you want to make a collection of 10,000 NFTs

It would mean that you have 10X more NFTs for sale, so obviously it could boost your initial sales up to 10X.

Results are not typical. You may get worse, better, or no results at all. Not financial advice.

Sample Sales Boost Example

For example, if you price a Video NFT at 0.05 ETH, and you sell out your 1,000 NFTs collection, your sales would be 1,000 times 0.05, equal to 50 ETH.

50 ETH times sample price of $3,000 per each ETH means that sales could bring a total of $150,000 in revenue.

Selling 10,000 instead of 1,000 NFTs could bring additional 450 ETH or extra $1,350,000 from your initial sale. It would be really cool to enjoy that extra $1.35 millions from the same NFT collection.

Results are not typical. You may get worse, better, or no results at all. Not financial advice.

The Ways To Deal With
Partially Sold Collection

When a collection sells partially you have 2 choices.

Either wait for all the NFTs in the collection to sell out, or remove the remaining supply, which is called burning, so the collection will become sold out.

Both are valid choices and they depend on your marketing plans.

Keep Selling Or Burn Remaining Supply?
That Is The Question!

If your plan is to invest in marketing to help you sell the remaining videos NFTs, keeping sales open could be the right choice.

On the other hand, if you think that you are more interested in secondary sales, or there is a strong community push you agree with, you may want to burn the remaining supply of NFTs.

You see, usually until the collection is sold out completely, secondary sales are either nonexistent or very limited, plus excitement about unsold collections could drop entirely, which could kill secondary sales forever.

Burn Unsold NFTs To Start Collecting Royalties From Secondary Sales

This is why so many unsold collections burn the remaining NFTs supply to keep the excitement up and start collecting royalties from secondary sales.

Burning the remaining collection supply can be done in many ways.

Some of them include minting the reminder of NFTs and sending them to a burn address, which is very costly given Ethereum gas fees.

VideoNFTizer PRO contract allows you to remove unsold supply in the most cost effective way.

The Inexpensive NFTs Burn

All you need to do to “burn” the remaining supply with a PRO contract is to lower the maximum mint number to the number of the NFTs you already sold, and you are done.

It is both super simple and the least expensive VideoNFTizer supply burn method possible.

Unlock Additional 30 NFT Ethereum
Contract Deployments

PRO upgrade also unlocks the ability to deploy an additional 30 NFT Ethereum contracts so you can sell more NFT collections.

If you are around NFTs for some time, you already know that many people are creating collections with various sizes and price them differently.

The smaller the collection, more likely the higher the price per item. If you are just starting out, creating a number of small collections first before you go bigger makes sense.

Experiment With The Collections Of Various Sizes

The important point here is that you might need the ability to create more than a single NFT collection, which you can make with the standard version.

PRO version unlocks the ability for you to deploy 30 Ethereum contracts on the blockchain, so you can experiment with the collections of various sizes, and are able to sell more NFTs than you can do just from a single collection.

The bottom line is that VideoNFTizer PRO might bring you up to 10X more sales than the standard version from just one of the collections, simply because you can make a bigger collection, and then make more collections on top of that.

Skyrocket Fluidity Of Videos NFTs With 700 Premium Transitions

Also on top of all that VideoNFTizer PRO gives you 700 premium transitions to skyrocket fluidity of videos you can make with the included NFT video creation app.

Transitions allow you to seamlessly connect separate parts of your NFT video to make it not only look more cool, but to avoid hard interruption of the flow.

Great looking NFT videos give you a better chance to catch the eye of potential Video NFT buyers.

Checkout Those Amazing Transition Samples

What Is IPFS storage?

Now, the majority of files for NFT are stored on so-called InterPlanetary File System or IPFS for short.

It is a peer-to-peer decentralized hypermedia protocol designed to preserve whatever file you upload to it.

Normally IPFS is technically complicated, but there are services which make uploading files as easy to use as Dropbox.


At the beginning of the video I told you that there is a way to host videos for NFTs for free, and now we want to reveal it to you.

Pinata.cloud has a free plan which gives you 1 GB of storage for your files without the need to enter a credit card, and it is possible to have multiple 1GB accounts by using different email addresses for them.

Infura.io has a 5GB free plan but requires you to enter a credit card, however it does not charge any fee at all unless you go over 5GB of files.

Instant Massive Saving, A Grandfathered Discount

Because VideoNFTizer PRO includes continuous access to all the processing intensive features and the server taxing PRO features, the official planned price for VideoNFTizer PRO is a $197 signing fee, and then $97 per month.

But because you are an early adopter, we are going to offer you this special chance to get it without a monthly subscription. In addition, we will also drop the signup fee completely.

So right now you can join for a fraction of the planned price of $197, plus $97 a month. First, we will totally waive the joining fee, and then we will remove the monthly subscription.

That means that you are getting the instant massive saving and the grandfathered PRO access. So for a small investment today, you can now UPGRADE your VideoNFTizer to the PRO level.


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Founders Special Deal

VideoNFTizer PRO

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  • 30 More Collections
  • Upgraded NFT Contract With Burn Feature
  • 700 Premium Transitions
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