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Results are not typical. You may get worse, better, or no results at all. Not financial advice.
Results are not typical. You may get worse, better, or no results at all. Not financial advice.

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Developed After Receiving Tons
Of Requests For It.

The NFTizer Whitelister app was developed after receiving tons of requests for it.

It is a breakthrough in NFT collections marketing and community building.

There are three main parts of the NFT collection selling business which must work together for NFTs from your collection to sell.

Must Haves For The NFT Collections

First, you need to have images for the NFT collection done.

After you have the images created you must deploy your collection NFT contract to blockchain so people can start buying your NFTs.

NFT collection maker takes care of generating the images, deploying your NFT to blockchain, and even gives you javascript code to paste to your website so you can start sales.

Get People Excited About Your Collection & Build A Community Before You Launch NFT Sale

After those steps are done you are ready for sales, but there's still something missing, and it is prospects interested to buy your NFTs.

How are you going to get people excited about your collection and build a community before you launch your NFT sale?

Unless you are already an influencer with signinication following on twitter or other social media, or already built a strong Discord community, you have work to do.

Build A Strong Twitter Following & A Good Sized Discord Community

You really want to have both a strong twitter following and a good sized Discord community of engaged audience before you even start sales.

The best way to build a community is to use any existing great viral competition apps, there are plenty of them.

Any of those apps allow you to run contests for people to incentivise them to follow your social accounts, like, share, and retweet your content posts.

NFTizer Whitelister Gives You Best Price To Both Incentive People To Promote & Help You Sell To The Same People

Creating a contest with any of the good contest apps is very easy but you need to offer prizes or nobody will participate.

The best prize is both incentivizing people to virally promote content about your NFT collection, and itself constitutes a part of the sale process.

Whitelisting Is The Most Popular & Powerful Way To Build Pre-launch NTF Communities.

To that end there is no better prize than awarding whitelist spots to people to be able to mint the collection before public mint and at a lower price.

The whitelist is called in short WL on crypto twitter and you can see posts about WLs all over there.

It is the most popular and powerful way to build pre-launch NTF communities.

Exploit Synergy For Your Benefit

WLs are used for giveaways by influencers who love to give their audience insider, skip the line, and WLs which allow them to not only mint sooner but also cheaper than public mint.

There is a large number of smaller and mid size influencers on NFT twitter for which the WLs giveaways are one of the main engagement drivers for their own accounts.

It means that there is deep synergy between NFT collection creators and those NFT influencers. That synergy is making a powerful marketing combination you can exploit to your benefit.

Whitelist Spots Can Send Massive Viral Traffic To Your NFT Community & Social Accounts

Ability to mint earlier and cheaper is a great motivation booster for those who plan to flip their NFTs, so they work hard to virally promote your NFT collection.

Sometimes there is so much interest in whitelists that the entire collection sells out entirely during whitelist, making public mint unnecessary.

The bottom line is that contests with whitelist spots can send massive viral traffic your way, and together with WLs giveaways run by influencers, it helps you build your community fast and keep them red hot until your NFT collection launches.

Old Whitelisting Method Is Totally Prohibited By The Enormous Gas Fees

Now while whitelisting is the number one NFT collection marketing tool hands down, it is also very complicated technically to do it in the cost effective way

You see, before the Ethereum gas fees became so high, whitelisting could be done by simply submitting every whitelisted wallet address to the contract.

This method today is totally prohibited by the enormous gas fees you would have to endure. Using this the old method could easily cost you more than $50,000 to whitelist just 2,000 addresses.

NFTizer Whitelister Solves The High Fees Problem

NFTizer Whitelister solves the high fees problem with the combination of a special Ethereum contract upgrade and a web app.

With the NFTizer Whitelister all that is needed to connect your entire whitelist of virtually unlimited wallets to Ethereum contracts is a single regular contract interaction pushing just one piece of data which is a root hash of a so-called “merkle tree”.

You don’t need to know anything more about “merkle tree” root hash other than it is what is linking your Ethereum contract to a web app which supplies a whitelist for the minting.

3 Simple Steps To Whitelist

Here is how it works in 3 simple steps after your whitelister upgraded NFT contract is deployed on the blockchain.

Step 1

Step 1

Submit list of your whitelisted addresses to web app and generate root hash with push of the button.

Step 2

Step 2

Push the hash to your Ethereum contract with a single transaction.

Step 3

Step 3

Copy/paste javascript to your mint page and upload 1 file to the same folder as the webpage.

That’s it. All that it takes are those 3 steps to have your whitelist mint ready.

NFTizer Whitelister Might Be Just The Tool You Need To Excite Your Prospects

You need excited prospects to buy NFTs from your collection, and NFTizer Whitelister might be just the tool you need for that.

NFTizer Whitelister upgrades your current NFT contract with whitelist functionality and gives you access to a web app which does all the heavy lifting to make the whitelist functionality work the most cost effective way.

Time Limited Early Adopter Special One-Time Price

Because the web app uses bandwidth and processing power required to make all that work, we plan to make NFTizer Whitelister a monthly subscription, but today you can still get it for a one-time special price.

After the early adopter special deal ends the only way you will be able to get NFTizer Whitelister will be a monthly subscription.

So go ahead, take your NFT collection marketing to the next level, and take the advantage of one-time pricing while it lasts.

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